10 Things That Everyone Really Must Know About Drupal CMS

10 Things That Everyone Really Must Know About Drupal CMS

Over the years, Drupal has emerged as one of the most popular CMS platforms and it continues to win more businesses with its amazing features and capabilities. However, it still has a lot to be explored when it comes to adding novel functionalities to business websites. Let’s explore some amazing things that make Drupal website development the best choice for businesses: Customizable e-commerce solutions: The platform facilities the creation of powerful e-commerce stores that can be customized using the rich modules that it serves. For instance, it is easy to integrate shipping services and payment gateways into the store by using the specialized Drupal modules. Responsive websites: As mobile presence becomes the mainstay of business these days, it is essential to have responsive, mobile-friendly websites. The best thing about this platform is that it offers responsive base themes that enable a Drupal developers to build the most wonderful mobile experiences. Search Engine Optimization: Another reason that Drupal becomes ideal for business websites is that it empowers them with SEO capabilities. The CMS supports custom page titles, URLs, and meta descriptions, and is compatible with Google Analytics as well. Effective Content Creation: Being a widely appreciated CMS, Drupal enables effective content creation. The users can easily see, share, and edit the content on the website. Additionally, they can set user roles and permissions to make website management easier. Design Capabilities: Drupal offers an amazing range of themes that have been designed to cater to diverse requirements in terms of the look and feel of business websites. These themes showcase attractive textual styles, flexible shading, graphics, and formats for creating eye-catching websites.

Robust Security: When it comes to security, no other platform beats this one as it is strengthened with consistent updates and periodic security patch releases. Moreover, it is backed by strong community support that gives it extra protection from any hidden security perils. Reduced Development Time: Businesses that opt for Drupal development can get their applications ready in a shorter span of time. Not only is its agility a plus point, but the platform yields an unlimited range of features too. Amazingly, it has more than 30000 modules at the developer’s disposal. Social Login: With Drupal, users can be given the option to login using their social accounts rather than having to remember their username and password. With this feature, the business website can go a long way in winning their customers with better user experiences. Extensive Scalability: Yet another reason that makes this CMS a winner for businesses is its extensive scalability. It can be used to start a site with one page and build it up to 5000 pages, without having to worry about performance and security. The White House, Grammys, and NASCAR are just a few names that run their websites on this platform. Cost-effectiveness: After looking at all the features of Drupal, it is hard to believe that it is a highly cost-effective option. There is no need to purchase a license for this open-source CMS and neither one has to pay any recurring fees. Conclusion Seeing the extensive benefits of Drupal CMS, it is regarded as a robust, flexible and dependable platform for businesses of all sizes and requirements. Therefore, there is a need to find the right development partner to assess their needs and come up with an optimal solution.

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