How to Start your Domain and Web Hosting Company

If you are a web developer or a tech enthusiast planning to start your own venture, then you can consider selling domains and hosting services. With more online businesses entering the market and more websites being developed every day, there is a lot of potential in the hosting landscape. And the good news in today’s world is that you don’t even have to set up a full-fledged hosting company and invest a hefty amount. Instead, you can easily opt for reseller hosting and start your hosting business under your own brand.

Start a web hosting business with reseller hosting

As the name suggests, reseller hosting allows you to buy a service package from a provider in bulk, for a reasonable cost. You can break the package into smaller units and further sell it to your customers. All you have to do is buy hosting packages from a bigger hosting provider, set your own price for the product/service package that you will offer to your clients, and earn profits from the difference between what you will charge your customer and what you will pay to your hosting provider. In the hosting business, this is known as a white label reseller. As a reseller, you will also get the required support and assistance from your hosting provider, which can help you run the operations with your own clients.

This way, you can become a web host for other business, without having to own your own company or take the risks of assets and investments, or even without much technical expertise. Reseller hosting involves purchasing the reseller hosting package, domain reselling, and creating customized plans and marketing them to your clients. Most reseller hosting companies allow you to customize the plans and use your own branding on them as you need. You get access to a control panel and are assigned a web manager to support you all through.

Before you start

Reseller hosting, like any other business, requires proper planning and preparation. Although there is very little investment of resources involved, you still need to be sure about what you want to do and how. So, before you start or dive into reselling,

  • Have a clear and well-defined business goal
  • Understand your target market, because this will help you decide the service package that you will buy from your hosting provider.
  • Study and analyze the current hosting market and what is trending.
  • Define sales targets.
  • Have a strategy to grow your customer base.
  • Have a well-defined budget.
  • Determine a price based on the current market standard and your profit goals.
  • Find a hosting company where you can sign up for domain reselling and reselling web host.

Summing up…

With the increasing market demand for web hosting, you will always find newer companies seeking hosting services. Most importantly, find a hosting provider who can create the complete foundation of your reseller business and help you drive growth. Your hosting provider is your supplier and your business partner at the same time. Apart from resources, the hosting company will also provide you necessary support and maintenance services. Hence you need to work in sync and make sure that your business requirements are taken care of. Always research well so you can take a well-informed decision to start a business!

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