5 Benefits Of Google Ads

Google Ads is a web-based publicity tool that supports companies in buying clients. To achieve your perfect client at specific marketing stages of the funnel, you create an online ad and make Google ads, and your ads will be displayed by Google Ads.

As an AdWords agency in Dubai, we can clearly say that there are certainly some benefits that make google ads stand out from the traditional marketing techniques. Here are the 5 benefits of Google AdWords.


Were you aware that 90% of all searches by Google are for goods and services? Only imagine how many more users your blog would draw to a properly-written advertisement and your page is at the very top of the search results. AdWords can do this for you, and you can easily list your websites at the top of Google by bidding for keywords relevant to your services or industry.

2.   Immediate Results

Unlike the traditional method of SEO optimizing your website with relevant keywords that gives you results in the long-term basis; AdWords is an effective way of marketing that gives you immediate results. The results can be seen in the very next day or two and are completely measurable. According to the results that are tracked and measured we can be able to adjust and optimize the campaigns to achieve better results.

3.   Have Control On Your Advertising Spend

You just pay with AdWords for every click on your ad, not for the search results. It means that you only have to pay if a conversion is necessary on your website. There are not many ways to spend your marketing budget, better or expected.

There is no way you can ever discover your budgets have unintentionally been over-spend on a daily budget.

4.   Specific Targeting Options

Do you sell a product or service locally? You can only check your ads with AdWords on your location by searching. For example, you probably don’t want to drive the other end of the country for a customer if you run a mobile computer repair business. You can only show Google your ads for those who search within a selected area of your company or even for you.

5.   Measurable

You will merge your AdWords and Analytics accounts to find out what content works and does not for your shop more than ever before. This can help you remove certain non-converting advertisements or keywords that save you cash.

These analytics can then be used together with your organic SEO campaign because you know what keywords and phrases are best for converting.

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