A Brief Guide On Marketing Online –  Improve Search Engine Web Traffic

The only way for your business to achieve full marketing potential in today’s competitive world is through search engine optimization in combination with other digital marketing strategies.

The idea is to take advantage of this particular process because optimization is an efficient way to create long-term goals and watch the results happening without your involvement. Through it, you can generate more traffic than before, and you do not require plenty of money to do it.

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You have to create a website that will center itself around search engine optimization because that way it will get more attention from search engine crawlers which will ultimately lead to higher ranks in results.

This is an essential consideration because when random people from your local area or abroad search for terms that are connected with your website and business, they are more likely to see it if you are at top five ranks.

Through optimization, you will get free traffic without paying for ads and reach, and organic visitors are more likely to convert into buyers and customers. By adding other forms of marketing such as email list, you can drive them to become recurring customers.

As you can see, this type of traffic is much more valuable and powerful than banner ads and PPC ads. According to statistics, almost 70% of traffic that your website will generate will come due to optimization efforts, which is considered as organic traffic.

Apart from that, people that visit your website organically are more likely to become your customers than the ones that you found through paid ads.

Only five percent of searchers tend to go beyond the first search engine result page, which is why you have to find ways to remain at the top.

When searchers see your website at top rankings, they will gain trust that the business is relevant to their search criteria, which means they will naturally enter your website and see whether they should use your services or not.

How to Make Your Website More Appealing To Search Engines?

Back in the day, people stuffed their websites with relevant keywords with an idea to reach more people that are searching the same terms online.

However, the things have changed after implementation of algorithms and artificial intelligence into a search engine, which is why today, Google tends to think about customer experience and ways to provide the best possible answer based on search criteria.

1.     Content Is Everything

Since Google requires your website to provide relevant and informative content to potential customers, you need to think about content marketing as the central part of optimization process.

We have mentioned above that useful content is everything nowadays, which means that you have to add to your website the type of content that people will search for to get new information on a specific topic.

Therefore, you should implement content such as videos, articles, blog posts, and infographics so that you can stay more relevant within your industry.

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Before it starts to recommend your website as the relevant result for users, they wish to see whether you have relevant information, advice, and whether people will have experience, they want.

If you wish to optimize your content and make it friendly and informative, you should write for real people.

The idea is to create a message that will prove useful to potential readers so that they can communicate and learn something from you, which will create an emotional response, and the reader will engage in your website to see who are you and what you represent.

The useful content will affect your search ranking and business so you have to tailor it based on the customer insight and topics within your industry that will be useful to people that do not want to buy anything.

Have in mind that if someone enters your site without an idea to purchase something, and spend plenty of time reading the content you published, that will send a signal to Google that your website is valuable to them and you will get higher rank as a result.

If you create a clickbait and website that people enter and leave immediately, that will create a completely opposite signal, which means that Google will think that your website is not useful and relevant and you will not reach high as you wanted in the first place.

2.     Title and Meta Description

Every single time you search something on Google, you will notice numerous websites on the first page. At the same time, one of the first things you will see is a description as well as title at the top.

If you wish to reach more visitors and get their attention, you have to implement a title and description that will be interesting at first glance, so that they can take time and enter inside to read or see the entire thing.

You should watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeamiF7Hrb0 to learn how to write proper title and Meta Description.

The Meta Description includes the short presentation of content that you presented as well as at least one keyword that will help you rank better.

The idea is to convince readers to read more, which is why you have to call-to-action.

3.     Internal Links

Apart from the idea that you have to implement quality content, remember that SEO efforts should also include the things you do and wish to achieve.

Therefore, you have to think about internal linking, because your website should have useful content on related topics and you can link some page inside your blog post so that you can increase the efficiency and present that your content is relevant.

This will keep visitors on your site longer than before, which will affect the way Google supports you, and that will create a more useful efficiency along the way.

It is crucial for your entire website and single pages to obtain high ranking as well, and through links, you will increase its authority to search engines.


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