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Have you heard of a company that does not have a social media presence yet, especially Facebook presence? There is a big chance that you can’t find a business that does not have one. Brands and companies all over the world use social media platforms for marketing their products or services and serving their target market, and Facebook, one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, is no exception.

We are not here to mention the advantages of doing marketing using the biggest and the most popular social media platform on the planet today. Facebook has more or less 2.2 billion users every month. Everyone knows that having a good Facebook presence will benefit both the business owner and the consumer in many ways.

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For business owners, it will minimize the marketing costs and help them gather more leads for their businesses. For consumers, if a company has a good Facebook presence, it will be easier for them to look for the product or services that they want to purchase or avail since we all know that almost everyone with internet access is using this social media platform.

The reason for this article is that we want to help solve everyday problems that concern a lot of business owners. It is about how to use this social media platform effectively. The thing is, there is a lot of promotional techniques owners can use, that can confuse them. But do not worry, we got your back. In this article, we will share some Facebook marketing tips that are worth using.

Optimize your business’ FB page

The most important thing you need to do is to optimize your business page. Your business FB page creates an excellent first impression. You will be surprised to know that not all companies or businesses take time to optimize their FB page. Doing so can help any company to stand out in their industry.

You need to make sure that the page will reflect the product or services that you are selling or offering. Upload relevant and clear photos on your page, use a close up or headshot photo if you are a solo entrepreneur. If you are running a big company, uploading a minimalist logo will be a big help.

Whatever you choose, the photo needs to have at least a 180 x 180-pixel resolution. Get creative with the cover photos. The ideal size for a Facebook cover image is 820 x 462 pixels. It is the best resolution for smartphones and desktops. Choose one that has a color scheme matching your product or services.

Cover photos are a creative way to show how good your products or services are. Another way to showcase your brand is to use a video as a cover, that is according to Facebook marketing experts. You can show a 10 to a 90-second video clip of events that your company attended. It can be a promotional video, a teaser or behind-the-scene moments of your employees in your office.

You also need to make sure that you add valuable information on your About section. People looking at your business background can learn more about your company on the About section of your business FB page. Adding information like founding date, brand or company story, mission and vision of the company, links to your other social media accounts and website and the list of services and products you are offering.

Share and promote page and content sharing

Anything posted on Facebook can be shared with other pages. It means that content that is shared by other people matters. Think of it as a positive kind of marketing, like the traditional “word-of-mouth” but more modern. Sharing the contents endorses your company or your brand as a trustworthy one in front of many audiences.

People nowadays share a lot of information on the internet. FB users are no exception. Sharing calls for the need to stand out. It is no longer enough to just share contents; it is more important to understand and know certain methods on how to make sharing work. Here are some ways on how to do it properly.

Appeal to your target market’s emotions – a compelling story or quote that makes people cry, laugh or get angry is more likely to get a lot of reactions and most importantly, shares.

Post old memes and ecards – vintage memes and ecards bring fun and sarcasm to serious post, news or messages. Memes and ecards are considered as today’s cartoons.

Raise awareness and build strong connections – People today feel more connected when there is a more significant cause. People are drawn to posts and messages that convey domestic and global problems.

Ask for it – usually, people take for granted the most basic way to attract and generate shares, asking people to share your contents. Do not just share your post that can get the attention of your target market, include a call-to-action or message that like: “If you think this is relevant, SHARE.”

Boost your posts

In today’s world, the organic reach on FB is less likely to be achieved by most businesses. It is true if you have a few followers. Boosting your post from your business FB page is one of the most basic ways to maximize your visibility and reach inside and outside your circle.

It means that the post reaches people who are interested in your product and services. When the content is boosted, it will occupy the top spot in your target market’s news feed. The budget you set will depend on the preferred target market size for specific posts. Starting this kind of method is very easy.

All you have to do is choose past or present published content. Click the Boost button at the bottom right of your post. To get the most out of it, you need to have a particular goal for that content. You can use Boost to raise the product or service awareness, attract traffic to your page, increase your business’ followers and maximize the engagement.

Final thoughts

FB or Facebook is a huge platform to promote any company or businesses. The strategies mentioned above enable you to obtain positive feedbacks from your target market. You can implement them as soon as possible and take advantage of social media platforms, especially Facebook.

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