Here Are the Best Podcast WordPress Themes In 2018

There are many podcast WordPress themes made by different developers. Unfortunately, not all of them are as impressive as they claim to be. That’s why we have taken out time in this post to show you some intriguing themes, capable of brightening even the dullest looking podcasts.

Now, it’s important to mention that although you can use any theme for podcasting by just embedding a player, a podcast-focused theme is designed to suit your workflow and needs. It fits perfectly and makes work easier for you. That being said, here are the most remarkable podcast WordPress themes.

1.       The Gumbo Theme

This theme focuses on the audio front of your podcast. It also gives you several player options, for example, if you need one embedded in your show notes, header or anywhere else. Most importantly, it’s quite easy to customize thanks to its Elementor page builder and additional add-ons.

2.       Dixie

This theme looks pretty great and gives your visitors time to share and listen to your show episodes. With it, you can use almost any podcast host whether it’s an embedded third-party host or any of the provided audio players. Yes, here you have multiple options of displaying your episodes. The most popular ones include:

  • The single column
  • Slider
  • Multiple columns
  • Infinite Scroll

3.       Podcaster

Podcaster is another theme with several customization options. Even so, it’s unique features are that it supports both the simple Podcasting plugins and the Blubrry PowerPress ones. Other fantastic features include a parallax scrolling effect for all your header images and it allows people to listen to your latest shows directly from your homepage.

4.    Bolden

Bolden is one of the most attractive podcast WordPress themes that are available for you in 2018. It was created for both podcast networks and those running multiple shows. It organizes episodes in a grid or carousel and provides you with different sorting options. Furthermore, thanks to its modern design, this is a theme that will hardly let you down.

5.    Satchmo

If you are looking for a clean WordPress theme for your podcast, then you need to give Satchmo a try. You are free to use any of its podcasting plug-ins to create feeds and embed episodes. In fact, you can even customize them manually from the podcast host.


From this list, which theme suits your web-design needs? Whichever option you go for, remember that all these podcast WordPress Themes have every component needed to create a fantastic website. These include:

  • A completely user-friendly audio player
  • A lightweight and fast theme to give your visitors an awesome experience
  • Constantly updated and fully accessible support
  • Modern, mobile-friendly and responsive designs

With all these in mind you can find podcast WordPress theme that meets your needs. Let nothing hold your back; WordPress has the themes you need to get started. It’s a tech wizard that has no limit and you can launch a website for your podcast despite knowing nothing about coding. It is ready for use and predefined with beautiful designs and all the tools that you need.

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