How To Choose a Web Design Mentor

If web designing is your passion and you are a freelance web designer or even looking into expand your web design knowledge, one of the ways to accelerate your knowledge and skills is to go under the wings of an experienced web design mentor and have him or her to coach you.

With many companies and designers out there offering various web design services, it is time that you listen less to the noise and voices out there and listen quietly to your own inner voice. In this article, we will discuss the various things that you have to take into consideration before you choose a web design mentor for yourself.

Purpose of a Mentor

First, you would need to think about your own personal goals and what you would like to achieve with the help of a mentor. You would be wasting both your mentor’s time and yours, and even your own money if you wander around without a goal in mind. Define your goals and find a mentor that is able to help you achieve that. These goals can range from: wanting to be more creative, to receive additional insights on your art workor to even find direction in your portfolio. Listing these goals down will really help you streamline the type of mentor that you would need to learn from.

This brings us to the next point. A mentor and a teacher serve different roles. If you would like to improve your technical skills, then a teacher would be more suitable. A mentor would not have the capacity to conduct a full tutorial or class with you. A mentor comes from a big picture perspective and advises you on what is working and what isn’t.

Mentor’s Portfolio

Before you choose a mentor, it is especially important that you take a look at his or her work. If you do not like your mentor’s work or you are not at all inspired by it, then I suggest not to go ahead with it. Because you would want to admire a work that you see yourself being able to strive towards one day. If you do not appreciate that mentor’s work and skill, that may affect your enthusiasm in wanting to learn from him or her.

Mentor’s Experience

Get a mentor that is able to relate to you. Approach one that has both freelance and agency experience. It would be an add on if your mentor is working in a big firm as well. A mentor that started off just like you is able to offer words of wisdom on how to manage the heavy work load. You may be able to find helpful resources online, but it does not go on par with a mentor that has been in the real world and have tested and proven certain methodologies. A mentor also has a deeper understanding of the theories and best practises in the real world.

Start Looking For One

Once you have gotten all these sorted out, it is time that you start looking for one. There are several platforms out there in the web that gathers several artists and web designers together. Be involved in those platforms and start reaching out to your potential future mentor today.

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