Ideas for Your Next Website Redesign with Belfast Web Design Agency

If you are partially responsible for your business’ marketing strategy or online presence, you need to think about redesigning your site to make sure you will get all the benefits that the online world can offer. Maybe you are not getting a lot of leads. Perhaps it is outdated and does not match your service or product’s branding.

Or possibly, it is generating a lot of leads, but it is not the right one, and it is not quick enough. A site redesign is a serious and big project, no matter how big your company is, especially if you want to do it the right way. Cutting any corners usually results in a less than perfect products or services, and sometimes it can do more harm than good to your sales efforts and marketing strategy.

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Proper research, right planning and a little anticipation can help you make your next site redesign a success, and a lot less stressful. That is precisely why we wanted to discuss the checklist on a website redesign to help your company set up for success. You need to remember that this is not a complete guide. It is just items you need to consider implementing when you are making site redesigning.

Audit your current assets and most importantly, your website

The first thing you need to do when doing a website redesigning checklist is to review where your site currently stands. By checking what collateral is presently popular, what pages people usually visit and if something is missing on your site. You will get an idea of what can be refreshed and repurposed or what needs to be done on your website.

By checking your analytics to see the user trend, it might surprise you to find pages you thought are not necessary, is generating the right amount of traffic. That is good news. The next step is to note these pages and save it for later for user testing. You will want to find out what is appealing, aside from the usual pages that people visit.

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Understanding where your site’s weak points are will allow you to know where to exert more efforts when you are redesigning the pages. However, the pages that convert well and generate a lot of traffic needs to be kept intact and optimized if possible. Make sure that you will keep in mind on both of the sets as we go into the next step of the checklist when doing a redesign.

Analyze your competition and gather a lot of inspiration

Taking what you have uncovered after you audited your website, setting aside your branding, start visualizing what you want your site to look like. Do you need an online store? What kind of images will attract users to your website? What types of layouts will work for your industry?

Gathering a lot of inspiration and analyzing your competition’s sites can help you get a good look on what are your industry’s best practices and what part of your website you can improve that can benefit the users. For example, if you are doing your web design in Belfast, make sure to check all your competition that is located in Belfast so you can have a good look on what will work on that specific area.

We recommend you take the top three on your niche and spend at least two hours on their website. Take note on the common threads that you are seeing. Find out if they are talking about pricing or if they are utilizing specific videos or visuals. Take a look back at the pages that you audited, and find out any similarities between your website and your competitors.

If your competition does now show their pricing, it means that you probably show yours. According to experts, costs is one of the significant areas of concern and topic, so you need to make sure that you build a dedicated pricing page when you are doing your redesigns. While you are reviewing other pages for inspiration, bookmark all the things that you think can help you as well as your target market in getting a better look at what your business is doing.

It could be the layout the testimonials or the juxtaposition of the images with your contents, anything that will catch your attention. These inspirations can help your organization, or the firm that is doing your redesigning, understand what you are looking for and what will work for your business and plan an effective design for your target market.

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