Nitropack Review – Nitropack WordPress Speed Plugin Review

WordPress is one of the best platforms on the internet where you can build your site. The benefits are many. The high number of plugins available for everyone to use is one of the best things about it.

Nitropack is one of those plugins that give you the chance to build a web site that will be better than everyone else’s. There are more reviews on the internet, like this one here –, and you can learn a lot from every single one of them, but we’re going to do another one here to show you if this plugin is worth the time. Follow up if you want to learn more about it!


A lot of plugins are great for you, but they often come with a price. More than 6500 plugins are paid and they are called premiums. Additionally, there are more than 50,000 others that everyone can download and use. They are free.

This one is also free, at least for the beginner version. If you like what you get, you can get 4 other versions that are premiums. The prices then go from $19 per month and up to $159 for those who are most seriously gotten into the business.

What does it do?

This plugin is made to increase the speed of your site. If you have ever been running a web page, you know how many cool features can be installed and you also know how much they slow down your page.

Now if you don’t want to let go of all these programs, apps, plugins, add-ons, and all sorts of other things, there’s nothing out there that will help you. But, if you accept the fact that some things are not needed and others are essential, you can make use of Nitropack without a doubt.

What it does when is installed is scanning through the site looks for unnecessary components. There are lots of things on your page that are hidden in the background without anyone seeing them. They slow down the entire thing and you’re the one that will suffer because clients will hate your site for being slow.

Even though the average speed of the page loading is somewhere around under 10 seconds, the expectations of people are 3 seconds. Anything more than 3 seconds and visitors become frustrated and impatient.

A lot of people can’t wait for the page to fully load so they quit making your bounce rate huge creating a disastrous SEO for your page and even more leading to losing customers. This plugin finds what’s wrong and fixes it. Finally, you end up getting the same site, with nothing changed, and better overall performance for more than 2 seconds in many cases.

Now, if your site has a ton of problems and the customer needs to wait for 20 seconds, then these 2 won’t make some difference, but if the page loads for 8 and you lower it to 6, then this is a great improvement. If you make some additional steps toward improving speed and get under 4, you can consider yourself having a great website.

How good is it?

If you take a look at their website, you’ll see some of the analyses being done in pages that used this plugin. Some of them make unbelievable progress. If the highest score is 100, some of the pages improved their performance from 9/100 to 88/100. This is a tremendous change.

Those who had a score good score, like the one who tested before with 77/100, got a score of 100/100 making it work perfectly and loading as fast as possible.

Other people on the internet are also highly satisfied with what they’ve got. They are happy with the outcome and they’re not ashamed to share their opinion on the internet. For example, on the WordPress forum where users share their opinions, the plugin has a score of 4.5 and 34 out of 44 people gave the plugin straight 5. Here’s more about this on the link here.

What is our opinion?

This plugin truly lives up your expectations. Since it is made to speed up your site, it is exactly what it does. You can’t expect to do something else because it was not made for it.

Without you even noticing anything, it crawls through the code and looks for errors that might low down the page. It is also clearing cache, fixes lazy loading, and CDN delivery. However, if you own another plugin that is taking care of these things, it may confront them and not work properly, so it’s best to delete everything else that might create a problem for it.

The price is something that needs to be discussed. Even though it comes free, the best results come when you pay the subscription. Of course, the free version does its job, but if you’re serious about running a business, then you’ll most probably need to pay at least the minimum subscription of $19. This is not the most affordable plugin out there, but as we said, it is doing a good job for the money you’re spending.

When you have a problem, the tech support team is there to help you. They work 24/7 to resolve anything that you might have a problem. Some of the customers complain that tech support is not working properly. However, our opinion is that their tech support is completely fine. No one is capable to fix all the problems, but if you have a true issue with the plugin, they’ll certainly find a solution for it.


If you’re looking for a solution that will speed up your WordPress site, then choosing this one is a great idea. Of course, nothing in this world is perfect, and as you could’ve seen from the review above, even though most of the features are amazing, some things might turn you down. It’s up to you to decide if you like it or not.


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