Web Designing Trends Of Now

In web designing, as in any form of design, the trends keep shifting and evolving. To create an efficient and impressive website, it is important to keep up with the trends in web designing. Every now and then, we welcome new technologies and techniques into our midst. Incorporating some of these revolutionary trends in the web design world, into your own website or your client’s, can prove to be worth it. Although some new ones get noticed, there are a few popular styles of web designing company in Melbourne that will remain timeless.

Try the dark mode

It is the era of the dark mode. Everyone is doing it from everyday apps to social media, and for good reason. The dark mode opens up a whole new possibility for web designing. Not only is it sleek and modern, but it also lends the perfect backdrop for designs. The concept of dark mode also has a practical side to it other than it being aesthetically pleasing for the eye. Dark themes prove to be the best option for OLED screens and also saves power and prolong the lifespan of the screen. The combination of darker colour themes or neon and vibrant use of shades go well with the dark theme and is quite a popular trend at the moment.

Incorporate parallax scrolling

A web designing trend that is not a newcomer but is definitely one that will stay is parallax scrolling. The 3D effect that parallax scrolling creates when the background of the web page moves at a slightly slower rate than the foreground is quite a visual treat. When it is added as subtle hints in your web design it can produce an interesting appeal to the viewer. Parallax scrolling engages the user and gives a feel of higher interaction which enhances the user experience. You can easily add that touch of depth or take it completely to the next level with the parallax scrolling technique.

Minimalism is always in

The trend that web designing is bringing back is the subtle art of minimalism. The usage of white space has become increasingly important in design, to improve the user experience and keep it user-friendly. Simplifying the elements on the web page will create a cleaner, aesthetic appeal as well as will be easier to load. Keeping the colour scheme to a minimal, incorporating negative space and impactful typography, minimizing the UI elements are all good examples of how you can make your website minimal yet powerful.

Include animations, illustrations

Adding design elements like animations, 3D or flat illustrations and interesting typography adds layers and character to your website. You should keep in mind how a particular design element adds value to the website and use it sparingly to make the most impact. You could add anything from hand-drawn illustrations to 3D graphics to cater to the needs of the website. Illustrations and animations prove to be a powerful medium if used correctly and can extend the brand message across in a more universal manner. Doing something as subtle as even a cursor animation can turn out to be of immense visual interest to the user.

Although the trends of website designing are ever-dynamic, you can always incorporate them in your design to make it more current and appealing. It is up to you which of the trends you are willing to adapt to. So, go ahead and create a website that projects your design style while looking to the past and future design trends for some inspiration.

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