Factors that affect the website speed and step to prevent them

Do you know that the slow loading time of your website can result in a loss of client? Well, that’s not the case with only a few. There are plenty of businesses who are unknowingly becoming the victim of this issue. It is a particular matter that the online business owners shall take care of since they initiate the web design services.

Website designing is an important part of taking your business to the globe. If the users aren’t aware of the basics, then it might happen that while offering your website with an attractive look, you increase it’s loading time.

Here is the list of some topmost considerations you shall take a note of while opting for the web design services.

1. Choose the best Hosting Services

If you wish that your website offers a sustainable view on the web, it is necessary to choose a good hosting provider. The hosting shall be highly scalable and it must be having excellent architecture so as to make sure that the visitors of your website gets to avail maximum features from it.

2. Take care of the Infrastructure Requirements

Your business website is functioning on the hardware as well as software infrastructure components. In order to gain maximum benefit from them, it is necessary that you deploy these tools with proper technical planning. Apart from that, the users themselves should check the website from time to time so as to ensure that the visitors getting a better experience while browsing through your website.

3. Optimizing your Database

The main task of the database is to maintain the dynamic content of your website. It is utmost essential that your server is powerful enough to easily sustain the amount of data your website carries. Additionally, they shall also remove the useless content from time to time.

4. Themes and Images of Your Website

During the web design services, Attractive Themes and High Definition Images looks pretty though. However, such elements can increase the page loading time to a greater extent. Another big mistake users generally make is that they upload PNG Files which occupy a lot of space. One shall refrain themselves from such practices and shall upload optimized images on the website.

5. Minimize the Redirects and Errors

Redirecting the website to another URL is a time consuming process. On the top of that, if there are errors on the website (such as broken links), then it might make a negative impact on your website speed. Thus, you shall make regular checks of the broken links and remove them from the system. Furthermore, you shall also refrain from redirecting your website to any URL.

6. CSS and Javascript Optimization

We will also recommend you to reduce the amount of CSS and Javascript codes on your websites. There are many unnecessary codes in these scripts which increases your website loading time. Removing them will result in the positive impact on your website loading time.

7. Make Use of Caching

Through caching, the browser of a frequent visitor will be storing the static content of the website. Hence, the repeated visitor’s time will be saved every time he visits your webpage.

8. Leverage a Content Delivery Network

With the help of CDN, your visitor will be able to get content on his browser very efficiently. The main task of the CDN is to store the files of the website and various other elements. Thus, the visitor will be getting simple access to all these elements without any kind of trouble.

All these are important points you shall consider while getting web design services. Considering them while creating your business website will make it simple for your end users to get in touch with you, your products and your services.


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