MilesWeb Review – Benefits of Their Virtual Private Server Powered by KVM

Privacy, security, and customization are some of the distinguishing features of the best VPS hosting options. Businesses may flourish, change, and adapt to these situations. As the popularity of VPS grows, so does the use of server virtualization, which is where KVM VPS Hosting comes in. However, before we go into the benefits of KVM by MilesWeb for your website, let’s define VPS and KVM.

VPS Hosting with KVM

Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) is an open-source virtualization technique included with Linux. In essence, it transforms your Linux into a hypervisor. A hypervisor enables a host system to execute numerous, segregated Virtual Machines. KVM turns Linux into a bare-metal type-1 hypervisor.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

VPS is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Server. Virtual private server hosting combines the best features of two types of hosting: dedicated control over resources of Dedicated Hosting and the cost-effectiveness of Shared Hosting. The setup closely resembles a Dedicated Server within a shared environment. One physical server hosts numerous virtual servers, each of which is independent of the others. This is performed via a piece of software known as a hypervisor, which divides the physical server into segments and maintains each segment on the actual server independent from the others.

Virtual private servers (VPS) provide total isolation for enterprises. The business operations of one VPS account will not be influenced by those of another. Businesses can deploy their apps since they have access to assured resources (RAM, CPU, Bandwidth, HDD, and more). It is also less expensive than a Dedicated Server and provides greater privacy and security than a shared server.

Let’s move to the benefits that MilesWeb’s KVM provides for your website hosted in VPS.

  • Isolated Server Space

KVM differs from shared servers and other kinds of virtualization in that all users share the server’s resources. MilesWeb’s KVM virtualization isolates each virtual machine on the host node fully. Each KVM Virtual Private Server will have its RAM and CPU resources. In addition, MilesWeb’s each KVM VPS has a separate kernel, control panel, and operating system.

  • Complete Control Over Hosting Account

MilesWeb’s KVM VPS gives you complete root server access. This means having complete control over your server environment to install suitable apps and software and alter server settings as needed. Furthermore, having cPanel pre-installed can make server maintenance easier and allow you to make the most of complete root access. You may fully customize your web server, PHP, mail server, and other installations with KVM VPS, which leads us to many other benefits.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Although VPS hosting is more expensive than shared hosting, it provides dedicated resources and complete root access at a far lesser cost than a Dedicated Server. Furthermore, as the popularity of VPS Hosting grows and technology advances, MilesWeb is providing KVM Hosting at reasonable costs, with the promise of a consistent, fast, and secure environment. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a Dedicated Server when you can go for this cost-effective virtual environment.

MilesWeb’s KVM-powered VPS hosting plans provide ten Linux-based choices ranging from V1 to V10.

Yearly subscription to the base plan V1 costs $9/mo. The base plan subscription for six months costs $10.8/mo, and a monthly subscription cost $9/mo.

The basic plan includes the following resources:

2 vCPUs, 2 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD storage, and 500 GB bandwidth, 1 unique IP address.

The top-tier VPS plan V10 costs $465/mo yearly and contains the following features:

40 virtual CPUs, 500 GB SSD Disk, 128 GB RAM, 3000 GB bandwidth, and 1 dedicated IP address

You also have the opportunity of availing a free control panel with the VPS plan.

MilesWeb also provides both unmanaged and managed Windows VPS hosting plans.

  • Less Neighborly Noise

If you use MilesWeb’s KVM VPS, the other users on the server will not affect you or your account (and vice versa). It will not affect you if other accounts decide to execute programs that overwhelm their accounts and take their servers offline. Your account will be unaffected. This also means you’ll be protected from possible harmful activities taken by other accounts. If another user decides to install obsolete software that poses a significant security risk, your accounts will be safe.

  • Private Mail and Dedicated IP

MilesWeb’s VPS KVM accounts come with their own dedicated IPs for an isolated environment. This implies that you will keep complete control over the functioning of your mail server. You will also save yourself the headache of dealing with other accounts that use the same IP address to send and receive email. If, for example, another user on the server is getting or sending a lot of SPAM, the shared server may be flagged as malicious, affecting the other account’s mail deliverability. MilesWeb’s KVM VPS accounts allow you to be the sole sender and receiver of email via your IP address.

  • Encryption with SSL

SSL encryption for your website/app is included at no extra cost with MilesWeb’s low-cost VPS hosting services. Your website URL is protected with HTTPS after SSL activation. Any data sent to and from the virtual private server is immediately encrypted. This stops attackers from accessing critical information supplied by visitors as it travels across the internet.

  • Manage Multiple VMs

MilesWeb gives you the liberty of managing more than 1 VPS, with the help of a single dashboard.

The most significant advantage of VPS Hosting powered by KVM is the amount of control it allows you throughout your organization. You can choose a minimum or maximum quantity of resources based on the needs of your website. Furthermore, by letting you to pick whatever operating system to use and allowing custom kernels, you may upgrade the Programme without reinstalling it. So, if you’re considering VPS Hosting, certainly go with MilesWeb’s KVM virtualization architecture since the benefits can propel you and your company forward.


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